While today’s environment can be particularly trying for many of us, especially those looking for their next career opportunity, some things have changed creating new paths to success. 

When we go through trying times as a country – recessions, pandemics, etc – it’s amazing to see how we come together, become more open minded, more conscience of others – overall, there’s more connectedness. 

An easy place to see this is in most neighborhoods. Since the stay at home orders began, we’ve been forced to stay planted in one area. Now, 7 months later we know all of our neighbors, all of their children by name including their dogs.  In my area in particular, when the derecho came and past, we came out of our homes and helped each other clear debris, share generators and/or freezer space.    We’re now a true community.

We are seeing a similar behavior in our broader networks.  This is a hard time.  People are out of work. Their families are struggling.   We all understand and many of us are more than willing to help.   With this happening, here are a few tips for your search:

1 – Network.  Nothing new here.  Yet given the environment you will find more people willing to talk and help.  Something like 80% of all roles are filled outside of being publicly posted.  Get off the computer and on the phone talking to everyone you know.  People will take your call and they will help.

2 – Tap your professional network.  Once you exhaust your personal network, tap your extended professional network through LinkedIn.  People, who wouldn’t return outreach before, are taking the time to listen and offer support. 

3 – Follow-up.  As your search progresses, keep the people you’ve tapped in the loop on how your search is going.  Also don’t forget to thank them for their help.

4 – Give back.  Remember that people are helping you, be sure to return the favor.  Whether you have connections to share or not – just being a sounding board, providing interview tips, or just general support are extremely valuable.  

Looking for an easy way to get started, join BuildingUp through our LinkedIn group or via the website.  We’re a community built just for you, to help you network and grow professionally.