Spending this weekend researching trends from 2008 for a piece I’m writing for my job, I’m reflecting on all of the conversations, all of our evolving perspectives, the juggling and pivoting.

First, it’s hard to believe it’s only been 4 weeks. The way we’ve adapted, quickly acquired new talents and vocabulary, an onlooker would think that we’ve been living this way for years.

Yet the reality is that it hasn’t been that easy. Just when we think we’ve figured out how to juggle work, family, pets and zoom all under one roof, the dog barks, the baby cries and your internet falters. 

Here are a few tips to help get you through:

  • Remember, we are all in this together. These challenges are happening to everyone. The silver lining, we’re getting to know each other on another level. Enjoy and cherish this opportunity. 
  • Take time for yourself. Now more than ever, be sure to take time to clear your head, relax, unwind. Whatever you need. I’m finding taking walks, even short ones, during the day, clear my head, give me an energy boost and keep me positive, especially when things are stressful.
  • Turn off the electronics. While the electronics are keeping us connected, taking time to do projects around the house or cook a meal, especially with others in your family creates bonding opportunities like no other. It’s also a fabulous alternative to that 63rd game of Uno, you were about to deal.
  • Create a schedule. It’s easy to get into a rut when you never leave your home. Creating a schedule gives you a plan and purpose. It also helps you to manage your time so you can find time to take walks. Or ensure you’re not working 24/7. Make sure your schedule gives you the time for yourself, some time to clean your house and time for your family.

On the work front:

  • Continue to power forward. While there is great uncertainty, there will be a tomorrow. We will get back to some normalcy. What will your career and your organization look like at this time next year? 
  • Assess. If things are a bit slower, take an assessment of what was working, what could have been done better. If things are busier today than before, assess your priorities. Simplify and focus. These are always words to live by, so the more you can streamline and focus, the better off you will be today and in the future.
  • Don’t stand still. If the first point seems unattainable, standing still isn’t the answer either. Standing still, not thinking or planning for the future, will leave your career and organization behind.

If you’re out of work now, there are many online courses being offered for free. Top colleges and universities are offering a variety of classes for free. Take this time to enhance your skill or round out your background. 

If you’re working, think about ways you can help others. This is a tough time for people to stay motivated. Coming together as a team and motivate each other. Some women, I know are sharing motivating thoughts via email each morning. These are quick reads – one, two lines that make you smile, make you appreciate and knowing you’re not alone. 

What you’re doing to keep your spirits up and staying motivated?

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