The last month has been surreal for many of us. The remote working for me is not new, for most of my career I’ve been blessed to work from home. What is new is a house full of people all trying to be online at the same time. I have 3 boys, one in College who is now finishing his freshman year at home with online courses. The other two are in high school. Unlike many parents with younger kids, the e-learning requires little from me in the way of support for my kids. Our school district has had a foundation of self-directed learning and I believe that has set my boys up for success. They know what they need to do and get it done.

My biggest struggles are three-fold. One, I’m used to having the house to myself during the day, there is more noise and activity in my house. My younger two boys cannot directly print from their school issued computers, so they send me an email and then come in to ask me to print for them. Two, the internet bandwidth with five of us trying to work and e-learn has the internet speed feeling like ancient dial-up times of long ago. Three, it’s hard to focus with all the negative news and what is to come, I find myself anxious at times.

So, what’s working for me? Exercise, my dog may not understand why everyone is home so much, but she is loving the daily walks and sometimes two of them. I have also been taking at home workout classes from my gym. And finally, while I was supposed to run a half marathon next week, which was postponed till June, I’m training as if I’m still running it and plan to run it next Saturday or Sunday (whichever day the weather is better).

How are you coping?

Wishing everyone health during this temporary new normal and let’s continue to support each other.

#stayhomestayhealthy #buildingup